Artistic Photos of Mysterious Girls

A New Genre of Portrait Photography

Hey guys, it’s me, mojokiss. I’ve always loved taking artistic portraits of my friends, and a big part of that is the personal work I’ve done with some unique girls who don’t really fit in, collectively, in my opinion, to the scenes and genres of production that have been available until now, with my new idea. I think my work, over the last 10 years, has been growing toward defining itself as something subtle and unique. I want to take it farther, and to have a place to show this work where it can be appreciated and revisited as it grows.

Enter FOXBLOOD.COM, my little self indulgence

Niche paradigms are becoming smaller and more specific, as the viewing and consuming public are growing, and gaining more access to the internet and publications therein. My answer to this opportunity is to seek to understand better my own voice, and to have a place to present that voice in my craft of imagery in this self proclaimed category of photography. Yes, it is very limited, and perhaps shares some typical things with other genres, but as a whole, it serves a strong and unique niche purpose. As the photographer who needed this niche, I created it for myself, and will continue to define and celebrate it as a special place on the web. I encourage discussion and sharing of the articles, interviews and editorials presented here.